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Phrasal Verbs Test

1) You will never believe who showed at work today! That guy who was fired yesterday. He came back!

2) Can you stay after everyone leaves to help me to clean up?

3) If you press the red button, the machine will turn . The green button is used to turn the machine on.

4) We ran of milk. Do you mind going to the store to get some more?

5) Can you give me a few days to think this ?

6) It took her almost a year to get her breakup. She cried and refused to leave the house for months.

7) I think that I am easy to get along .

8) The party should wrap by midnight.

9) While I was searching for my camera, I came my old diary.

10) You should cut on alcohol. You drink too much!

11) She ran her ex-boyfriend at the supermarket.

12) That’s mine. Hand it !

13) Don’t give ! Keep working hard and you will succeed.

14) She had to give soccer after she injured her knee.

15) You should wear the shoes around the house to break them .

16) I can’t wait to find if we won! We’ve been waiting so long for the results.

17) She told me that she was going to sell all of her things and move to Australia, but I don’t think she’s going to go with it.

18) My friend and I were fighting for almost a week, and we finally made last night.

19) He’s been for a couple of days since he broke up with his girlfriend. How can we cheer him up?

20) You need to do this . It’s terrible!

21) Please stop bringing it . I’m trying to forget about it!

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