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The best tutor of English via Skype

I offer lessons that look into the nature and practical use of English both in routine life and business environment. All lessons are neatly designed to meet the demands of the most acquiring mind of whatever cultural background, previous experiences or a level of current comprehension of English. Being amazingly adaptive in methods I carefully select to suit your needs, there is always something that you will find increasingly rewarding to learn from me.
BENEFITS: you will boost your speaking, listening, writing, reading skills to an advanced level; we can delve into phonetics, morphology, semantics, phraseology, grammar, punctuation, pragmatics, dialectic differences, and much more.
Above that, you are entitled to a 30- minute-long skype lesson free of charge to work out the teaching strategy and see me in action.
1. $25 per 45 minutes – paid by the lesson;
2. $20 per 45 minutes – paid by a block of 10 lessons (=$200)
3. $15 per 45 minutes – paid by a block of 100 lessons (=$1 500)
SKYPE NAME: Robert Brookgarbolt
You can reach me by phone any time except Tuesday and Thursday or I’ll call back.


Despite being incredibly adaptive to my clients’ need, basically there are four courses you can choose from:

  • Advanced Phraseology Course (APaC) – In APaC, you’ll see English from different standpoints – including lexical, morphological, phraseological and semantic points of view. It is ideal to develop excellent writing and speaking skills, empower your vocabulary and enhance your ability to masterly express yourself.


  • Advanced Phonetics Course (APoC) – Learn English with me in a free-flow manner. No books, no pen, no paper. Practice English fluency in custom-tailored dialogues, discussing whatever you wish. It drastically improves your pronunciation, speech recognition and comprehension, accent, logical thinking, and many more. Hit the course while it’s hot, and don’t let time still your life.


  • Advanced Grammar Course (AGC) – No doubt English grammar is as overwhelming as it is engrossing. This course smoothly knits advanced syntax and contextual grammar into a fabric of gradual rise from the knowledge of rags to the wisdom of riches, letting you master English grammar and syntax in a matter of 100 lessons. The course is partly based on Professor Douglas Biber’s groundbreaking view of the English language, as well as Michael Vince’s and Martin Hewings’ findings in the field of linguistics. We will meticulously go through every single syntactic pattern, brush up on grammar by comparing most confusing grammar points that need your immediate attention and make it all work together in speech and writing the way it happens in daily life at work, at home, in business or while travelling.


  • SAT, ACT or TOEFL Preparation (SAT Prep) – As you prepare to take these all-important college entrance exams, keep in mind that your command of English grammar is essential for success. This course will give you a detailed grammar review along with dozens of practice quizzes and exercises to sharpen your spoken and written skills. We’ll look through plenty of sample questions exactly like those you’ll encounter on both the SAT and ACT. I will diligently explain the answers to them, as well as advice and instruction you’ll need for writing a high-scoring SAT, ACT or TOEFL essay.
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